V & Me

elsah(Image from Disney)

Nighttime can be tough. Nighttime can be amazing. Nighttime is when I tend to have those very deep conversations with my almost three year old. Last night Elsa got in the way and screwed it all up. It went like this…

Me: Vivienne what are you going to wear to school tomorrow?
V: My Elsa dress.
Me: Umm I think that is a bad idea. How about something else.
Vivienne: No.
Me: Ok, but I think that dress is dreadful and awful.
Vivienne: No it’s not.
Me: It is. In fact I think we should send it back to Erika.
Me: Ok. You can wear it and you can get it really messy.
Vivienne: Is tomorrow messy day at school?
Me: Yup- it is now.
Vivienne: Mom. Stop talking. We can talk about it in the morning.

I can’t wait to see what the dress looks like. And I am so glad there is no Target in Abu Dhabi. It would be entirely too easy to buy those Elsa dresses…

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